Corian Dead Blow Paddle

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Corian (aka: solid surface countertop material)

Corian is similar to the wood dead blow paddles but made of solid surface countertop material. These have a slight initial sting immediately followed by a deep thud. They can even be placed in ice water to add fun sensations to the impact.

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It has been brought to our attention that other companies are now attempting to copy this EMF Toys design. From what we have seen, they do not utilize the shot load that EMF Toys has used all along and they are more expensive.

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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Tan, White

2 reviews for Corian Dead Blow Paddle

  1. Richard

    As advertised, it will knock em down if not braced. One of my partners owns one and it hits like nothing else. I have yet to really swing it full force, but we are working up to it.

  2. Robyn

    Nice deep thud after initial slight sting when it hits. Very enjoyable to experience!

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